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Ultimate Types of Poems National Poetry Month Bulletin Board


Teach and reinforce the understanding of 15 types of poems using both print and digital resources.

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Are you looking to teach your students the different types of poems to celebrate National Poetry Month in your classroom? This print and digital poetry writing resource will help scaffold the writing of 15 poem types. The included poem types posters will make an informative National Poetry Month Bulletin Display too.

Both US and British English files included (differences in punctuation and spellings)

Items Included


    • 15 sample poem types in print black and white version
    • 15 sample poem types in digital color/colour version: format PowerPoint file & Google Slides (link included)
    • Writing sheets with images and lines to scaffold poem writing
    • Teacher Marking Rubric (grades)
    • Performance Rubric (no grades)
    • Student Self-Reflection
    • Center/Centre Checklist
    • Poem Table of Contents
    • Anthology Cover Sheet

    You can upload the digital PowerPoint file to your LMS.

Recommended Use

  • Students can refer to the sample poem types to write their own poems on the themed lined sheets provided. Simply keep the laminated sample poems, lined sheets, and copies of the checklist in a folder for easy access (print version).
  • The digital version in Google Slides displays a sample poem alongside the writing template. The slides can also be downloaded and printed out.
  • The digital PowerPoint slides can be uploaded to your online learning management system.
  • Use the Teacher Marking Rubric to grade written poems.
  • A performance rubric is also included with no scoring, but just criteria.
  • Students have the option to scan the QR Code on each task card or refer to the print out of the poetic element information card to respond to the questions on their Response Sheets.
  • If printing the poetic elements information cards, you may spread them around the classroom. I personally like to tape to walls, so they don’t get lost in all the excitement.
  • Students work individually, in pairs, or in small groups to record their responses.
  • Display the poetic elements information cards on the bulletin board post activity to craft an eye-catching and informative display.


15 Poem Types

  • A Simile Poem ‘About Me’
  • ‘I Am’ Poem
  • ‘With My Senses’ Poem
  • 5 W’s Poem
  • Bio Poem ‘About Me’
  • Haiku
  • Cinquain
  • Antonym Diamante
  • ‘I Don’t Understand’ Poem
  • ‘Just Because’ Poem
  • Limerick
  • Concrete Poem
  • Creature Alliteration Poem
  • Acrostic Poem
  • Parts of Speech Poem


  • Diverse Poem Formats: Explore an array of poem types including haiku, simile, free verse, and more. Each category is beautifully illustrated with examples and definitions to spark creativity and understanding.
  • Educational Value: Enhances literacy skills, fosters a deeper appreciation of literary arts, and introduces students to the rich diversity of poetic forms.

Perfect For:

  • Classrooms celebrating National Poetry Month
  • Year-round educational displays
  • Libraries hosting poetry events

This resource is included in the Poetry Bundle.


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