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Sizzling Starts Narrative Examples Strong Leads

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Sizzling Starts Narrative examples showcase the effects of starters, leads or openers in narrative writing. Aligned to seven steps to writing success, the 5 sizzling starts mentioned in this post are sure to hook any reader.

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  • So what is a good sizzling start? Or what is a good story starter?
  • What is an example of a sizzling start? Or how do you start a sizzling start?

We’ll look at the answers to these questions in more detail in this blog post.

Sizzling Starts Narrative Examples

Have you ever read the first couple of lines of a story or book only to stop reading further because it wasn’t interesting enough? That’s because the opening lines or the lead just couldn’t arrest your attention long enough.

A good sizzling start or lead ‘hooks’ the reader. Think of it as a fishing hook that hooks that prized catch.

In fact, it’s the start of a piece of writing that should grab the reader’s attention. It’s a matter of reading on, or moving on, so the sizzling start better be good.

What is an example of a narrative sizzling start?

Now that we’re clear on what sizzling starts are, let’s look at some sizzling starts narrative examples.

There are many ways to begin a sizzling start in a narrative.

Sizzling Starts Narrative Examples With Action

It’s always more interesting to start a narrative with an action scene. Nobody really wants to know too much of the boring details. The sizzling start narrative example with action below helps the readers visualize Mrs. Smith’s scrawling’ handwriting and thus paints a captivating scene.

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Sizzling Starts Narrative Examples With Dialogue

The use of dialogue is known to move along the story events in a plot. It’s a technique that writers often use when maintaining pace and flow in their writing. This sizzling start with dialogue example below reveals Mrs. Smith’s character – she means what she says.

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Sizzling Starts Narrative Examples With Onomatopoeia

Beginning a sizzling start with onomatopoeia or a sound effect is ‘loud’ enough to grab the reader’s attention. In this sizzling start with onomatopoeia example, we can almost hear the ‘thud’ of books as Mrs. Smith drops them onto the table.

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In addition to the three types of sizzling starts above, there are two others worthy of mention.

A Sizzling Start With Setting Description and Character Description

Just as dialogue and action get the pace of a narrative going, descriptive details do the opposite. They slow down the pace.

In this sizzling start with description on the setting example, we can visualize the silence of the classroom except for the ticking of the clock.

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The sizzling start with description on the character example shows Mrs. Smith to be the no-nonsense type. The reader can gather a lot about her just by reading this lead.

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In addition to the sizzling starts mentioned above, there are many other arresting leads, starters or openers students can use in their narratives. These five, however, are the main ones I like to teach my students and which in my opinion are very effective in ‘hooking’ the reader.

Free Sizzling Starts Posters

Providing students with example leads, starters or openers lays the foundation for students to write their own impressive sizzling starts. So access the link to these free Sizzling Starts Posters to display in your classroom. They come in two styles: with kid characters and with dot dudes. Choose the style you prefer and get your students writing starters that truly sizzle.

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Are you looking for an entire unit on teaching your students how to write sizzling starts?

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Sizzling starts Narrative examples highlight the effects of starters or openers in narrative writing. Aligned to seven steps to writing success, these 5 sizzling starts are sure to hook any reader.
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