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Simple Compound and Complex Sentences Examples

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Simple Compound and Complex Sentences examples and teaching ideas

In my opinion, the teaching of grammar concepts must be integrated with teaching writing skills and for students to be prolific writers, they need to have a variety of sentence types in any piece of writing.

In this blog post, we’ll look at sentence structure, namely simple compound and complex sentences.

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Before we ask students to incorporate this sentence structure in their writing, it is necessary to define the three kinds.

  • What is a simple sentence?
  • What is a compound sentence?
  • What is a complex sentence?

Instead of providing a boring definition of the above kinds of sentence structure, we can make teaching fun with a themed scavenger hunt and the use of QR codes.

Simple Compound and Complex Sentences Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is not only fun but also informative. There are 24 task cards in this Hunt. Students will read the sentence on each card and identify the kind of sentence: simple, compound or complex.

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For added fun and excitement, be sure to hide the cards in the most difficult to find places in the classroom.

Prior to beginning the Hunt, it would be the perfect teaching moment to point out an example of each kind of sentence using the task cards.

So, for a simple sentence, this card will provide a written example of a simple sentence being a complete idea with a subject and a predicate.

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The compound sentence is made up of two or more simple sentences that are linked together by a coordinating conjunction. An easy way to remember the coordinating conjunctions is by the use of the acronym: FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so).

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Finally, the complex sentence is made up of an independent clause that expresses a complete thought and a subordinate clause that depends upon the independent clause or the main clause to make sense. The two clauses are joined by a subordinating conjunction.


Simple Compound and Complex Sentences Examples With a Theme

Integrating the explanation of the sentence kinds with a theme makes teaching and learning even more fun. In this Scavenger Hunt, a Fairytale theme is used to make the activity all the more interesting. The three kinds of sentence structure (simple compound and complex sentences) revolve around the Fairytale visuals and thus are bound to motivate the most reluctant.

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Simple Compound and Complex Sentence Examples With QR Codes

Studies show that students are adept at technology and learn best when the use of technology is incorporated into any learning activity.

In the Sentence Structure Scavenger Hunt, students will work with QR Codes. These codes are pasted at the back of the cards and when scanned reveal the answer to the kind of sentence on each card.

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So, once students have finished identifying the kind of sentence on each card, all they need to do is turn over the card, scan the code and check to see if they were correct. Thus feedback is instant and all learning is in real-time.

It works well for the teacher too, as there is no grading, thus saving time to perhaps work one-on-one with a student needing additional help.

The Recording Sheet

The Recording Sheet for the Hunt is a single sheet that students will use to record each kind of sentence: simple, compound, or complex. It’s best to provide students with a clipboard, so they have something to rest this sheet on.

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The Answer Key

Other than scanning the codes, another option for students to check their responses is to use the Answer Key. This is a single sheet that may be copied and laminated and kept in a prominent place for students to access.

After students have finished the Hunt, gather them together and go over the answer to each card on the interactive whiteboard. This further reinforces understanding of sentence structure: simple compound and complex sentences.

Free Access

So, are you ready to try out this fun Sentence Structure Scavenger Hunt with your students? Then access the link, or click on the image below to get these 24 Hunt Cards. They will surely provide your students with examples of simple, compound and complex sentences.

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