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Narrative Writing The Exposition – Orientation Plot Element Print Digital Bundle

Are you looking to teach your students how to write the exposition or the orientation in narrative writing? The PowerPoint Show, Student Guided Notes, and Sheets (print pdf, PowerPoint templates, and templates in Google Slides) will provide a comprehensive approach.

US and British English Files included.


1. PowerPoint Show and Booklet (folder item 1)

Note on Narrative Writing, a Personal Narrative, and a Fictional Narrative.

  • The Exposition: characters and setting.
  • Five types of openings: action, dialogue, description of the character, description of the setting, and a sound effect.
  • Five sample extracts from literature to model the exposition.
  • Four picture prompts for students to practice writing an exposition.


Recommended Use

With the slideshow, elicit responses from students prior to playing out the animations on each slide. For example, for slide 1, ask the question, what is a narrative – prior to revealing that a narrative is a story of real or imagined events.

This gives the opportunity for students to think constructively prior to recording the words that fill in the blanks. I’ve also gathered that students are more engaged whilst recording.


2. Printable Sheets (folder item 2)

The 14 sheets may be used independently. Alternatively, you may present the PowerPoint Show to inform students about the Exposition and then have them work on the sheets. Teacher key included.


3. Digital Sheets (folder item 3 – PowerPoint Templates & Google Slides)

The digital PowerPoint Sheets may be uploaded to your online learning management system. A link to the sheets in Google Slides is provided. Instructions to access in file.

Please contact me with any queries regarding this resource.

Thank you!


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