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This digital writing unit helps scaffold the structural elements of a persuasive-opinion essay in Google Slides. It can be assigned to students via Google Classroom. It features an Earth Day writing activity.

⭐ This digital resource in Google Sides scaffolds the structural elements of a persuasive /opinion writing essay. The two sample editable texts feature an Earth Day theme.

File Attributes

⚫ Zip file

⚫ 28 Sheets in Google Slides

⚫ 28 Sheets in PowerPoint

⚫ Teacher Guide

⚫ Grades (Year Levels):  2-4


Overview of Lesson

✅ Slides 1-9 present information on the structural elements of a persuasive essay. This can be presented to students as a warming-up activity.

✅ As the focus of this lesson is on structure, students will drag and place sentence strips to put together a persuasive essay from start to finish.

✅ Next students will analyze each part of the sample persuasive writing piece for the hook and opinion in the Introduction, reasons and supporting details in the Body, and summary and call of action in the conclusion.

✅ Students will type their responses in pre-made text boxes or drag markers to place against the correct options.

✅ After the analysis of each structural element, students will annotate two sample texts by color-coding the structural elements evident in the texts. These texts are editable so you have the flexibility to change content or spellings.

✅ Finally, students will be given a prompt and a pre-writing graphic planner to document the persuasive structural elements prior to writing. They will then type out their essay referring to the planner and writing checklist.

✅ A teacher’s version of the file with all sample answers is also included in the download.

⚫ This resource is best suited for students in grades 3 and 4. It can also be used with higher ability students in grade 2 or students who are writing challenged in grade 5.


This writing lesson may be split into four mini-lessons. There are two ways to assign a set of slides to your students in Google Slides.

⚫ 1. Make copies of the main resource depending upon how many sets of slides (files) you want to assign as a mini-lesson. Delete the slides that are not needed for a particular lesson (keep the main file open for reference). Re-name each file comprising of a set of slides and then assign each file (mini-lesson) for students to complete.

⚫ 2. You may also choose to copy the slides you need to assign into a new file and then assign that file. Do this for as many sets of slides as you need to separate from the main resource.

⭐ Alternatively, you may also do this mini writing unit in a literacy block comprising of approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

⭐ Recommendation of how I used this resource with my students in download.


→ This is a digital resource and can be used with google drive, Microsoft one drive and google slides.

→ Both teacher and students need to create a google account or a one drive account (free).

→ This resource can also be assigned to your students via Google Classroom by accessing your drive and inserting (click on drive/attachment icon) the google drive file. Select the option of ‘make a copy for each student’.

→ This resource can also be assigned to your students via OneDrive after which they may choose to edit the presentation in online mode or in PowerPoint (Microsoft Office).

→ This resource can also be projected in the Zoom Cloud Platform by selecting the option to ‘Share Screen’.


When you click on the provided link, you will be prompted to make a copy. Click on the ‘make a copy’ button in order to access the file. Further detailed instructions included in file.


→ Once students have completed their writing, they may save their file in a created class folder on the computer, or onto a removable digital device. To do so, students need to access ‘’File>download as’ option and make their selection from the given options. They can also submit their report digitally via generating the ‘share’ link.


♦ Use of this digital resource would contribute to the creation of a paperless/hybrid classroom.

♦ Enhancement of student engagement as writing is interactive.

♦ Integration of technology to facilitate learning. Students will be able to access google drive from school, home or anywhere where there is internet connection. They will also be able to access google drive if there is no internet connection by setting Google Drive to be accessible off-line from their account.


Copyright © Teach2Tell
All rights reserved by author.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only.
Not for public display.
Please purchase additional licenses if you intend to share this product.

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