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Narrative Writing Bundle Print & Digital Resources

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This Narrative Writing Bundle offers both print and digital materials to teach the language and structure of a narrative.

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This Narrative Writing Bundle offers both print and digital materials to teach the language and structure of a narrative. With printable sheets, PowerPoint presentations, guided notes, interactive notebook activities, scavenger hunts, flipbooks, anchor charts, posters, checklists, and marking rubrics, your students will learn a step-by-step approach to writing effectively.

These activities provide support for every stage of the writing process, making it easy for your students to prepare for state tests, Naplan, or writing assessments.

This is a growing bundle on Narrative Writing. It will include more print and digital resources on the structural components of the Narrative genre. You will receive items listed and future additions at the current price. The cost will rise as new packs are added.

All units include both US and British English spellings.


If you’ve purchased any individual product in this bundle and would like a refund, please contact me after purchasing the bundle.


Narrative Writing Activities

The aim of these writing exercises is to improve students’ abilities in creating compelling narratives. The lessons are designed to teach students how to use transitions, descriptions, figurative language, and dialogue to control the pace of their writing, as well as effective techniques for starting and concluding their stories.

Sstudents will engage in a variety of narrative writing activities aimed at enhancing their storytelling skills.

Using editable PowerPoint presentations, students will be introduced to the different structural components of a narrative, including the exposition, inciting incident, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

Students will take Cornell-style notes on guided note-taking sheets and apply the skills they learn when writing sample pieces. In addition to these lessons, there are mini-lessons on sizzling starts, tightening tension, and point of view, all designed to strengthen the narrative writing skills students have acquired.

Students will also work with sample texts, posters/anchor charts, graphic organizers, flipbooks, self-editing and peer-editing checklists, and VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation) handouts to help them maintain structure and cohesion throughout the writing process.

Finally, the Teacher Marking Rubric, featuring eight criteria, will make it easy for you to justify the final grade given.


Narrative Writing Units Currently Included:

1. Narrative Writing Exposition – Sizzling Starts, Backfill, Get Back

It’s the start of an essay that needs to grab the reader’s attention and this mini-unit will scaffold the writing of sizzling starts and the technique of Backfill. The sample sizzling starts, backfills, and organizers will facilitate your students to write their own impressive starters. Moreover, the option to use QR Codes will make your students all the more enthusiastic about writing. Free Sizzling Starts posters included.


2. Narrative Writing The Exposition- Presentation, Guided Notes, Print & Digital Sheets

The PowerPoint Show, Student Guided Notes, Sheets (print pdf, PowerPoint templates, and templates in Google Slides) will provide a comprehensive approach to teaching the exposition in a narrative.


3. Narrative Writing Point of View

Prior to requiring students to write a narrative, it is imperative that they know its structural components. This mini-unit will help your students understand the purpose of the three main points of view: First Person, Third Person Limited, and Third Person Omniscient.


4. Narrative Writing Tightening Tension

Quite often when students write, they ‘let the cat out of the bag’ and give away the plot too quickly. This mini writing unit models how to build suspense by tightening tension in a narrative to make details more vivid and interesting. This technique can be applied to both personal and fictional narratives.


5. Narrative Writing Tightening Tension 2

This resource will help your students write the tightening tension in a narrative. Writing lessons scaffold the writing of the exposition, inciting incident, rising action (pebble, rock, boulder). In addition, the graphic organizers, checklists, and writing assignment will facilitate your students to write with impressive style and technique.


How I used these Resources

I have used different units in this bundle for students from grade 3 to even grade 8 and it has assisted in developing their story-telling skills, both personal and fictional, to much success.

You may choose to do these units in any order depending upon the needs of your students, prior to the writing on the narrative writing prompts at the end of the unit. I generally integrate the units on ‘orientation’, ‘sizzling starts’, ‘point of view’, and ‘plot’ with the interactive notebook lessons.

My objective when working on the lessons in this bundle is for students to not just write – but to write with flair. I planned this unit for my students after seeing how often they got carried away in their writing and lost track of the gist of what they wanted to convey. This unit provided them with a plan to follow, structure to adhere and a purpose to narrate a compelling story.


Buyer Reviews – Narrative Writing Bundle 

→ Buyer, Monica D. said: I used this resource with a very low-literacy Year 9 class. It was a fantastic resource for breaking down the creative writing process – students found the ‘Sizzling Starts’ resources particularly helpful. As a first-year teacher, I was very grateful for this wonderful resource 🙂

→ Buyer, Julie S. said: This is terrific and fast becoming one of my favourite ‘go to’ products and sellers. I love the creativity and range of activities for students. Thank you!

→ Buyer, Haley Y. said: This is an AMAZING resource. Narrative writing has always been a struggle for me to plan and implement. My students loved this. It was fun and engaging and they totally rocked it. I also like how some of the lessons could be slightly adapted and used to teach different writing styles.

→ Buyer, Jennnifer B. said: Holy Toledo! This has so much stuff it is truly amazing. Thanks for doing all the leg work.

→ Buyer, Melissa E. said: Love the examples that are easy for students to follow and then have a go at writing their own. Great for my year five students who struggle to get started.

→ Buyer, Elizabeth Chua said: I’ve purchased so many narrative writing resources and this is the only one that scaffolds each writing technique with a well-written anchor text to model for the students. I love the fact that it combines interactive cut-outs and worksheets. My kids love them.

→ Buyer said: My Grade 5 students are rocking our narrative writing unit and a BIG part of that is using all of the writing tools offered in this package. The foldables help students stay organized and follow a single storyline from beginning to end (they’re no longer getting sidetracked). The mini lessons are ideal “warm ups” that we complete regularly to improve writing from the day before. Students look forward to writing and are getting more creative everyday.

→ Buyer said: This is an amazing resource! Way more than I thought I was getting. The amount of work you put into this resource is appreciated! I can’t wait to use it with my sixth graders! Their writing is sure to improve!!

→ Buyer, Diana B. said: This really helped my students! I love the detailed breakdown and mini-lessons. The students were really engaged, and excited to work on writing for the first time!

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