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Naplan Language Conventions Year 5 & Year 3 Free Practice Test


Naplan Language Conventions Year 5 and Year 3 Practice Test 1 helps review the language conventions component of the Naplan examination.


Naplan Language Conventions Year 5 and Year 3 Practice Test 1 provides an effective review of the language conventions component of the Naplan examination.

This resource includes both print and digital (British English Spellings) practice tests.

  • Naplan Language Conventions is a time-driven examination and the key to achieving success is being prepared.


  • The number of questions and time limit may be changed by the authoritative body during any given testing year. The number of questions in a test is usually 50 to be completed within the time frame of 40 minutes. This leaves a student with just 48 seconds to complete each question (time limit divided by the number of questions).


  • This Practice Paper features 60 questions that target a variety of questioning types prevalent in Naplan past papers. Other than targeting spelling skills at the requisite level, the paper focuses on punctuation, parts of speech, sentence structure and clause structure.


  • The questioning strategy of each of the 60 questions target a range of spelling, grammar and punctuation skills. The questions have been formulated after extensive study of recent years examination papers and adopt the style and format of the same.


  • The digital practice paper in a Google Form is self-checking and students will receive instant feedback of correct/incorrect responses on submission. This will not only provide you with valuable data to dictate teaching and learning but will also save you all that marking!


Items Included

  • 60 Questions (multiple-choice, check-box, short response) on spelling, grammar, and punctuation in a Google Form.
  • 60 Questions in PDF (print) file.
  • Answer Key (pdf file)


Suggested Use:

  • You may release the sheets gradually to students 2-3 at a time, or have them attempt the entire paper in one sitting. Be sure to provide additional time as there are 60 questions. Alternatively, print pages 5-12 (51 questions) to be completed within a time frame of approximately 40 minutes.


  • It is best practice to familiarise yourself with the type of questions so you can provide a brief explanation of skills tested prior to students attempting the paper.


  • After students have attempted the practice paper, display the answer sheets on the interactive board and discuss them as a class.




I am not in any way affiliated with the  Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority  (ACARA ) other than training my own students and having operated as a Professional Marker for Pearson Education marking NAPLAN examinations.


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