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Fun Halloween Games, Crafts, and Learning Activities For Kids

Looking for fun Halloween games, crafts, and learning activities this Halloween? Students can go on a scavenger hunt for fun Halloween facts, play a game of Halloween scoot for multiplication facts, write a scary Halloween story, craft a Halloween facts flipbook, and even review for the ELA standardized tests.

Halloween Games and Learning Activities: Scavenger Hunt

There are so many activities that generate fun whilst learning and perhaps one of my favorites is the Halloween Scavenger Hunt – a superb learning activity that involves movement and is also perfect to assign during the week of Halloween when kids are in a frenzied state of excitement.

There are 32 fact cards featuring information on Halloween.

Students will need to read the information on each card in order to respond to the question on their recording sheet.

This involves reading and comprehending effectively – a vital skill that all students need to possess in order to ace any English Language Arts standardized test.

Students also get to design their writing templates by documenting the facts they found the most interesting. In all, this is a fun Halloween game, craft, and learning activity all at the same time.

What makes reading all the more fun is that each fact is presented on a single card – consequently, information is presented in manageable chunks and is not too overwhelming for the student.

Moreover, it involves movement as students get to walk around the class trying to find the task cards in order to answer the questions on their recording sheets.

My kids love this and it’s interesting to watch them, clipboard and pencil in hand, enthusiastically walking up and down the classroom trying to find the hunt cards.

Halloween Games: Evidence of Learning Activities

All learning games promote learning, and this Halloween Scavenger Hunt for facts game is no exception. 

After students have finished the hunt, they gather together on the mat and the Hunt cards are projected on the interactive whiteboard.

The teacher goes through the responses for each question and students assess their own work – this way they constructively re-think any incorrect responses.

Halloween Games Learning Activities Bulletin Board Display

A writing display of Halloween fun facts is yet another way of documenting learning.

After the Hunt, students write 2-3 interesting facts that they found the most interesting.

This activity is perfect for those early finishers who complete the Hunt faster than the rest of the class. This would make a perfect Halloween Fun Facts bulletin board display.

Halloween Games and Learning Activities With Technology

Kids are more enthusiastic to learn if the activity involves the use of technology.

QR codes are fun to use and a perfect medium for distance or remote learning.

In the Halloween QR Code Hunt Scavenger Hunt game, students scan the code to reveal the answer to a question on a fun Halloween fact. 

To make it more challenging, students need to make an educated guess prior to scanning the code for the response. Interestingly, they are still learning as they think, read and write their responses on the recording sheets.

Halloween Games and ELA Skills

The Scavenger Hunt for Halloween facts game can also be used as a digital activity whereby students get to acquire and apply necessary ELA skills.

In the Halloween ELA Digital Review activity, students will read each fact card in a Google Form and respond to the grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, or spelling question by selecting the correct option.

The best part is that with this fun Halloween-themed ELA Test Prep activity, students’ learning can be documented.

The teacher can analyze each student’s response to further dictate teaching and learning.

Individual feedback on a response can also be provided.

And if the teacher is too busy, they needn’t worry, for key responses have pre-generated feedback, so if students get an incorrect answer, they can read the correct answer explanation for that question.

Don’t you just like it when students are subtly being prepared for the ELA or Naplan standardized tests!

Halloween Craft: History and Origin of Halloween Flipbook  

Another interesting activity for students to do during the week of Halloween is to research the history and origin of Halloween and then record the information in flipbook-style templates.

Writing in a flipbook would motivate those reluctant writers, as each section of the flipbook scaffolds the writing process.

Besides the flipbook also serves the purpose of

  • collating information
  • writing a draft
  • self-editing and peer editing prior to publishing
  • making an impressive bulletin board display.

Halloween Digital Learning Activity

For students in a remote learning setup, learning could take the form of documenting research on the history and tradition of Halloween in a digital flipbook.

The research writing process is scaffolded with colorful templates – all students need to do is type their findings for each research component.

Students can also present their completed research flipbooks on Halloween to the class by selecting the option – View>Present – from the main menu.

Halloween Learning Activities: Creative Story Writing

In this fun Halloween-themed learning activity, students write a creative spooky story.

This is an interactive notebook activity and unlike the Scavenger Hunt that involves movement, it focuses on motor coordination and students’ creative writing expression.

Students write out their stories observing the scaffolded elements of a plot on the response template.

They choose a cover to glue over the response template and cut out the sections.  Folding back the cut-out sections reveal the story below.

This will be another perfect addition to the bulletin board display.

Halloween Creative Story Writing ActivityPin

Halloween Games: Number Sense Scoot

Ever wanted to have your students practice their number sense skills during a heightened week of frenzied celebration – Halloween week?

The Halloween Math Scoot Number Sense Bundle will help keep your students engaged and having fun. These scoot games will help review addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.

Activities involve:

  • writing number facts using the four number operations
  • using number operations to interpret arrays
  • writing the missing addends in number facts.
  • identifying mathematical terminology pertaining to number operations
  • writing the sum, difference, product and quotient of given numbers
  • writing number operation facts for given illustrations
  • problem solving using illustrations

To play the Halloween Multiplication Scoot Game, display the 32 number sense multiplication scoot cards in the classroom.

I personally like to attach them to the walls using some blu-tack rather than leaving them on students’ desks – this prevents cards from flying off in all the fun and getting lost. 

Students can then start at any card, read the problem, and write their answers on the recording sheet.

Before students go off on their hunt armed with their clipboard and writing tool, it would be best to familiarize them with the types of questions on the cards, hence quickly going over all the different problem types prior to commencement would contribute to the activity’s success.

And if you’re not teaching in person or follow a hybrid model of instruction, there’s also a digital version of Halloween Multiplication Scoot Game.

Games and Halloween Learning Activities For Kids At Boom Learning

Boom Learning is a digital platform for kids of all ages. Think of it as a medium where students work on digital task cards that are interactive and have the fun components of a game.

The cards in a deck advance if students get a response correct, alternatively, students are given prompts and clues to try again for incorrect responses.

The range of activities can be varied too. The Halloween themed Letter Sound Recognition deck requires students to listen to the sound of a letter and then drag and drop the correct letter from a choice of three.

In the Halloween-themed Place Value Rounding to 100 Deck, students will tap or click on the correct option given a problem.

Banner to Celebrate Halloween Games, Crafts and Learning Activities in Your Classroom

What better way to introduce all the fun Halloween games, crafts, and learning activities in your classroom than with an eye-catching decorative banner!

Access the free Halloween themed banner for your classroom – remember to display students’ work below and I would be thrilled if you tag me on the Gram @teachtotell

Here’s to your students having a fun memorable Halloween learning activity week in your classroom!


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