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Fun Fathers Day Activities Poem Writing & Cards


Discover fun Father’s Day activities with this Poem Writing & Cards resource! Engage students in creating heartfelt poems and cards for a memorable Father’s Day celebration.

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Fun Fathers Day Activities Poem Writing & Cards

Are you looking for fun Fathers Day activities to celebrate in your classroom? Look no further! This Father’s Day Poem Writing and Cards activity is the perfect gift to bring joy and heartfelt moments. This resource includes everything you need to help students create beautiful, personalized poems and cards for their dads.

What’s Inside:

  • PowerPoint Presentation (13 slides): This engaging presentation introduces students to four types of poems – Cinquain, Synonym Diamante, Acrostic, and a Structured Poem called “Love You, Dad!” Students will learn the structural elements of each poem type with ease.
  • Posters (7 in total): Bright and colorful (or black and white) posters for classroom display. These serve as handy references with examples of each poem type.
  • Flipbook Templates (5 options): Students can choose from a variety of 33 cover designs. Each template guides them through writing their poems with lined structures.
  • Cards (25 designs): These black-and-white cards make writing poems fun and easy. Each card scaffolds the process for creating a Cinquain, Synonym Diamante, and an Acrostic.

How to Use:

  1. Introduce the Poems: Start with the PowerPoint to explain the different poem types and show examples.
  2. Get Creative: Let students choose between flipbook templates or cards to write their poems.
  3. Display and Inspire: Hang the Poem Types Posters in your classroom for ongoing inspiration and reference.
  4. Create and Share: Students can color and assemble their flipbooks or cards, then take them home as a special gift for their dads.

Flipbook Template Sections:

  1. Cover: Choose from 33 different themed cover options.
  2. Cinquain: A five-line poem following a specific pattern.
  3. Diamante: A diamond-shaped poem that uses synonyms.
  4. Acrostic: A poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word.
  5. Love You, Dad!: A special structured poem template.

Card Templates:

  • Each card is made up of two sheets that can be printed double-sided.
  • Front: Cover design.
  • Inside: Lined sections for Cinquain and Acrostic poems.
  • Back: Lined section for a Synonym Diamante poem.

Printing Tips:

  • Print blackline templates for students to color and assemble.
  • Use colored cardstock for a vibrant look.
  • Pre-printed colored templates are also available for easy assembly.

These poem-writing activities will create lasting memories and cherished keepsakes for every father and father figure. Make this Father’s Day unforgettable with this collection of fun and educational poem-writing and card activity!

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