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Free Student Rewards And Awards

Student rewards and awards are the best way to celebrate all the hard work students have put in during the week, term, semester, or year. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most economical, flexible, and effective ways to reward each and every student. A simple way to reward or award – some may argue – but one that is of significant value to both recipient and giver.

Free Student Rewards

Types of Student Rewards & Awards 

Of course, students have to earn these awards. Needless to say that this teaches them the invaluable lesson that nothing in life comes for free – it has to be earned.

So if students work hard and prepare for their spelling tests – then there is a ‘Super Speller’ award.

Free Student Awards

Or if they’ve come to school every single day – there’s the ‘Perfect Attendance’ award.

Free Certificates of Appreciation

And if a student has been a good buddy to somebody – there’s the ‘Best Buddy’ award.

Free Student Award Certificates

Award to Reward Students

My favorite/favourite is the ‘Shining Star for Homework Award’. Why so? Because for one thing, by submitting their homework every. single. time. students show their dedication to you and the subject you teach. It is a clear indicator of how conscientious they are – besides all that hard work after a busy school day just needs to be commended.

Free Awards For Students

When it comes to yearly recognition, Diploma Awards bring joy to everyone. This source of happiness could primarily stem from the fact that the year has come to an end and a glorious break awaits – but I like to think that all students are simply joyous because they are going to be awarded publically in class or perhaps even during a special awarding ceremony.

Whatever reason – I’m just happy to give every student an award and all (or so I like to think) are equally happy to receive it. After all, it’s the extrinsic motivation that induces intrinsic motivation which in turn is subjective and results in a long-term much-desired outcome.

Student Rewards & Awards To Avoid

And yes, I prefer not to give a ‘Clown of the Class’ award or even ‘Most Improved’ award – just because these titles seem to have a negative connotation to them. Mind you, I mean no offense to clowns, but I personally feel their place is in the circus and not in the classroom where ‘intense’  teaching and learning is taking place.

My contention with the ‘Most Improved’ award lies with the subtle underlying message it conveys – namely that the student was not up to the mark before and is still not quite there – but is ‘improving’ – that might be so, but then think about it – no child wants to be made to feel that way, now do they?

Student Rewards & Awards That Cater to Diversity

Although our students all share the commonality of being members of the classroom, we must be mindful of the fact that there is rich diversity in terms of culture and heritage, and that differences need to be celebrated. The awards we present to our students should have the element of inclusiveness and represent everyone in some way.

Invaluable Student Rewards & Awards 

These creatively designed award certificates might be just an inexpensive piece of paper at the end of the day, but to students, it would mean a lot – to be recognized/recognised for their efforts, not just by their teachers and classmates, but the wider school community as well – now isn’t that characteristic of a holistic school environment.

You probably know all about the importance of awarding students and already have a huge collection of award certificates – but hey – why not add one more to your stash, best of all it’s free.

So click on the link to get your free awards – it’s unconditional – no need to leave feedback unless sincerely compelled.

Certificates of Appreciation Freebie

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