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Four Types of Sentences Worksheets No-Prep


Teach and reinforce the understanding of the four types of sentences (Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory) with this collection of no-prep worksheets.

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Are you in search of four types of sentences worksheets? This collection of ready-to-use print-and-go sheets and posters will effectively facilitate the instruction of  Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory sentences.

Within this compilation, your students will not just practice grammar in isolation but also integrate them with writing exercises. They’ll be engaged in crafting:

  • A creative paragraph
  • A formal persuasive letter
  • An eight-line poem
  • A narrative short story
  • Informative pieces

The answer key for the sheets and writing samples is included for your convenience.

Both US and British English files included (differences in punctuating sentences, and terminology)

Items Included

  • 1 Pdf file (US spelling & terminology; 8.5×11 paper)
  • 1 Pdf file (British English spelling & terminology; A4 size paper )
  • 8 Posters Style 1 (color and blackline) featuring definitions and examples
  • 8 Posters Style 2 (color) featuring definitions and examples

Posters come in two sizes: 8.5×11 inches and A4

Overview of Content (worksheets)

  • Cover sheet if compiling all sheets into a booklet
  • Definitions with examples
  • Identifying
  • Identifying with QR answer codes
  • Writing the missing punctuation
  • Writing sentences
  • Writing sentences on visuals
  • Changing Interrogative sentences to Imperative sentences
  • Changing Declarative sentences to Interrogative sentences
  • Sentence Transformations
  • Writing a creative paragraph 
  • Writing a formal persuasive letter 
  • Writing an eight-line poem
  • Writing a narrative short story 
  • Writing informatively
  • Answer Key and sample writing pieces

Your students will not only have strong conceptual knowledge in writing but will also be fascinated to learn about the magnificent Nile crocodiles, the subject in focus.

This resource is included in the Types of Sentences Bundle.


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