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Four Types of Sentences Task Cards


Teach and reinforce the understanding of the four types of sentences (Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory) with this collection of 32 task cards and anchor charts/posters

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Are you in search of effective teaching tools for the four types of sentences? This collection of 32 task cards, accompanied by anchor charts and posters, is designed to solidify understanding and mastery of declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences.

Engage and Educate

The task cards offer interactive learning opportunities, allowing students to actively engage with sentence types. The anchor charts and posters provide visual aids that reinforce key concepts, making complex sentence structures easy to grasp.

Unlock Language Fluency

Empower your students with the ability to identify and construct different sentence types confidently. This collection equips educators with a powerful toolset to facilitate meaningful learning experiences and foster language fluency in an engaging and memorable way.

Items Included

  • 32 Task Cards
  • Recording Sheet x 1
  • Answer Key
  • 8 Posters Style 1 (color and blackline) featuring definitions and examples
  • 8 Posters Style 2 (color) featuring definitions and examples

Posters come in two sizes: 8.5×11 inches and A4

Both US and British English files included (differences in punctuating sentences, and terminology)



Use the posters/anchor charts to introduce and elaborate on the sentence types.

  • Spread task cards around the classroom. I personally like to tape to walls, so they don’t get lost in all the excitement.
  • Provide students with a clipboard and the recording sheet.
  • Students work, individually, in pairs, or in small groups to record their responses.

Post Activity

Project the answer key on the smart board/interactive whiteboard for students to check their answers. Provide further explanation accordingly.

This resource is included in the Types of Sentences Bundle.


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