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Four Kinds of Sentences Presentation Cornell Style Notetaking


Teach and reinforce the understanding of the four kinds of sentences (Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory) with this collection of Cornell-style note templates and the animated PowerPoint Presentation.

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Are you teaching the four kinds of sentences to your students? Utilize this assortment of Cornell-style note templates along with the dynamic PowerPoint Presentation to strengthen their comprehension of the sentence types: Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory.

While you present the PowerPoint, students can record information on the provided note-taking sheets. The captivating Dragon theme is sure to amplify the learning experience for your students!

Items Included

  • Cornell-style Guided Note Templates x 4 sheets and 21-slide PowerPoint Presentation (US and British English spelling & terminology)
  • 8 Posters Style 1 (color and blackline) featuring definitions and examples
  • 8 Posters Style 2 (color) featuring definitions and examples

Posters come in two sizes: 8.5×11 inches and A4

Both US and British English files included (differences in punctuating sentences, and terminology)

  • The PowerPoint presentation will equip your students with key content knowledge and ample practice prior to students working on other reinforcing activities.
  • The note-taking sheets require students to fill in the blanks as you present the PowerPoint slides. Content ranges from writing parts of definitions of grammatical terminology in addition to interactive practice examples.

Topics Covered in Presentation

  • Definition, Examples, Changing Sentence Type, and Practice Quiz
  • Declarative sentence
  • Imperative Sentence
  • Interrogative Sentence
  • Exclamatory Sentence

Suggested Use

  • Run through the presentation yourself prior to presenting to students.
  • Present the slides one at a time, students will follow instructions on each slide like filling in the blanks on their note-taking sheets and attempting practice examples. The slides are animated to present information in manageable chunks.
  • Follow-up with task cards, practice sheets, or notebook templates available in the bundle here: Types of Sentences Bundle.

This resource is included in the Types of Sentences Bundle.


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