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Elements of a Plot Free Posters


These posters on the elements of a plot will be extremely helpful when your students respond to narrative writing prompts.


Are you looking for posters or anchor charts on the elements of a plot to showcase in your classroom? These posters on narrative plot elements can be extremely beneficial if your students are working on a Narrative Essay or a story.

This set includes 13 writing posters.

  1. The Plot
  2. Exposition
  3. The Characters
  4. The Setting
  5. The Inciting Incident
  6. The Conflict
  7. External Conflict
  8. Internal Conflict
  9. Rising Action
  10. The Climax
  11. Falling Action
  12. Resolution
  13. Narrative Plot Summary

By displaying this collection of writing posters in your classroom, you will provide your students with a valuable reference tool while they engage in narrative essay writing activities.


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