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ELA Testing Review with Earth Day Fun Facts

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Preparing students for ELA Testing or the Naplan is always a stressful time – but incorporate it subtly with this Earth Day Fun Facts review activity and yes – it’s fun.

Here’s how.


Technology never fails to captivate our students – so why not use this learning tool to ‘entice’ them into learning those tricky grammar rules that would otherwise be labeled ‘boring’ in a conventional classroom.


Combine this use of technology with some facts on a fun celebration and you’ve got interdisciplinary learning strands of the curriculum culminating – namely social studies/history/humanities and Language Arts.

Let’s take, for example, the fun celebration of Earth Day – a perfect celebration to not just have students learn all about the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle – but also subtly prepare them for testing.

So, how does that work?

Well, for one thing, students will first read a fun fact on Earth Day by accessing their Google Drive in Google Forms (that’s the technology part).


Next, they will read and study the fact card not just for the Earth Day fun fact but also for the sentence structure, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation used to express that fact (that’s the ELA testing review part).


Some Earth Day fact cards also feature deliberate ELA errors that students have to spot thus making the activity all the more challenging.



This kind of ELA testing review has a dual benefit. Other than benefitting the student, it benefits the teacher as well.

How so?

By alleviating the need for – marking!

Once students submit the Earth Day ELA Review fun-facts celebration quiz targeting essential ELA skills, they get instant feedback in terms of an instant score and a breakdown of errors.


The teacher also gets a summary report of all student responses, individual questions, and an individual student’s response.

How innovative is that?
ELA Review Data at the tip of your fingertips to dictate further teaching and learning.



Preparing students for testing needs to be on a consistent basis, and so this ELA Earth Day-themed review digital freebie is part of a bigger collection – use a seasonal resource from this collection throughout the year and your students wouldn’t have to worry when testing time approaches, for you have subtly prepared them to be resilient.

Want to try this Earth Day ELA Testing Digital Review freebie with your students? Click HERE.



More subtle learning activities with celebrations to come –  HERE’S the best place to keep in touch.

Stay safe!

Until next time…

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