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ELA Test Prep Language Arts Review Made Fun

ELA Test Prep Language Arts Review. Ideas include different test practice print and digital formats, and two free practice tests at the end.

Preparing for state tests need not be stressful if preparation is integrated into the curriculum at the outset.

As much as we teachers do not relish teaching to the test – it just has to be done. Hence, getting into the expected mindset sure does help.

ELA Test Prep Review

And let’s presume students and teachers alike are in the right ‘testing mindset’, then the next set of questions to think about are:

  • How do you prepare for an ELA Test?
  • Other than traditional pencil and paper types, are there other test practice formats?
  • Can ELA test prep even be fun?

Thankfully, there are positive affirmations to the above questions.

ELA Test Prep Language Arts Review – Print

The saying, ‘practice makes perfect’ is apt when it comes to preparing students for state tests.

Other than subtly incorporating test-prep-style questions into the curriculum, practice tests are an effective way to prepare.

Students get familiar with the presentation and format of tests and gradually assimilate key test-taking skills.

ELA Test Prep

Pencil and paper type ELA test prep language arts review practice tests do good justice reinforcing and assessing skills taught. There’s nothing quite like the feel of pencil or pen on paper, writing, marking, or shading response options.

Grading these tests also provides focus when it comes to direct instruction as a follow-up activity.

ELA Test Prep Language Arts Review – Digital

We are all too familiar with remote/distance learning and the need to have quick and easy access to digital teaching resources.

Digital ELA test prep language arts review practice tests have effortlessly replaced the traditional pencil and paper ones – and rightfully so, just in case we are caught up in the midst of another pandemic.

Providing students with a digital practice test will no doubt provide exposure to the online interface.

ELA Test Prep Practice Tests

This format is a winner with teachers too, as grading is all taken off.

In this ELA test prep language arts review boom deck, students are assessed on their competency in spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills.

ELA Test Prep Print and Digital Tests

Prior to taking the test, the teacher provides direct instruction on the strategies involved in responding to multiple-choice questions.

Students will tap or click on the correct response option for each question.

Feedback is instant with the response selected either being correct or incorrect.

No grading for the teacher too – and there’s enough data to dictate further teaching and learning.

Each boom deck practice test provides students with practice in the key areas.

1. Spelling

Students will type the correct spelling after identifying the error.

ELA Test Prep spelling

2. Grammar

Several grammar concepts are assessed. This question assesses students’ knowledge of adverbs.

ELA Test Prep grammar

3. Punctuation and Vocabulary

Students need to know where to insert commas, semi-colons, periods, hyphens, speech marks, etc. This digital test reinforces all types of punctuation and key vocabulary.

ELA Test Prep punctuation

Students get an instant score when the test is submitted. They can also see feedback for each individual response.

Here’s where direct instruction can take over yet once again to re-teach and review key concepts.

Making ELA Test Prep Language Arts Review Fun

So, how can we as teachers make test prep ‘fun’ – perhaps in a way that students don’t even realize they are subtly getting prepared for the big day?

One way to do this is to integrate learning with a fun celebration or a seasonal theme.

A practice test can be given via a Google Form. This fun celebration-themed language arts practice test assesses spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.

That way you’ve got interdisciplinary learning strands of the curriculum culminating – namely social studies/history/humanities, and Language Arts.

Let’s take, for example, the fun celebration of April Fools’ Day – a perfect celebration to not just have students laughing at all the ridiculous facts, but also subtly prepare them for testing.

ELA Test Prep google classroom

So, how does that work?

Well, for one thing, students will first read a fun fact on April Fools’ Day by accessing their Google Drive in Google Forms (that’s the technology part).

Next, they will read and analyze the fact card not just for the fun fact but also for the language used to express that fact (that’s the testing part).

Interestingly, the question subtly employs the language used in the fun fact to target skills related to spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.

April Fools Day Reading Activities

Everything is not so straight forward too – as fact cards feature deliberate errors that students have to spot.

This kind of preparation has a dual benefit. Other than benefitting the student, it benefits the teacher as well.

How so?

By alleviating the need for – marking!

Once students submit the fun-facts celebration quiz targeting essential language arts skills, they get instant feedback in terms of an instant score and breakdown of errors.

The teacher too gets a summary report of all student responses, individual questions, and an individual student’s response. How innovative is that?

April Fools Day Reading

No doubt, invaluable data is at the tip of your fingertips to dictate further teaching and learning.

Each celebration-themed ELA test prep language arts review practice test can be so much fun and good test-taking practice for students.

So whether testing is in person, online, here to stay, or done away with altogether – the learning must go on.

Whatever the decision, our students don’t have to worry, for we have subtly prepared them to be resilient in the most light-hearted of ways.

Get Two Practice Tests

Access the free April Fools Day digital language arts review resource and watch your students have fun while they learn.

April Fools Day ELA test prep review

And if you would like your students to attempt a more formal version of the test, then access ELA Test Prep 1 Print and Digital (Google Form).

ELA test prep practice test 1

Shop the Post

Interested in getting an entire big bundle of practice tests?

Then access the celebration-themed ELA practice tests in Google Forms.

ELA test prep standardized tests

The Print and Digital (Google Form) ELA practice tests.

ELA test prep standardized testing

Or the ELA test prep bundle of boom decks.

ELA testing review

Wish you and your student much success in acing the state tests!

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