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Easter Multiplication Math Activity

 Looking for a fun Easter multiplication math activity to have your students practice their timetables?

Then check out this freebie!

But first…

how do you teach your students their timetables?

Do they learn by rote or via visuals?

Conversation at the lunch table in the staff room the other day revolved around whether we should teach students the time-tables by the drill method, whereby they just need to know, for instance, that 3 x 8 = 24, or with the help of visuals indicating 3 rows or groups with 8 in each.

We eventually all agreed that initially, students need to be taught their timetables with the help of visuals so as to make abstract content more concrete.

Once they get the picture of what the multiplication fact indicates, then they can move to learn the timetables by heart.

So, to better understand the reasoning behind a multiplication fact, you can show it:

As an array to represent a multiplication fact

For the fact, 2 x 7 = 14, students can visually identify that there are two rows of Easter Bunny Ears and seven bunny ears in each row which makes a total of 14 Easter Bunny Ears.

 By placing objects in equal groups to represent a multiplication fact

Hence for the multiplication fact, 8 x 5 = 40, students can once again see that there are eight groups (Easter Baskets) and five Easter Eggs in each group for a total of 40 Easter Eggs.

By relating multiplication to addition which further strengthens conceptual knowledge

In this example, students can once again prove that the digit 9 added four times gives the same product of 36.

By finding the missing factor in a multiplication sentence

Or the square of a number in a multiplication sentence

And listing the multiples

Eventually, when it comes to problem-solving, students will apply their understanding of multiplication to solve a given problem involving the timetables.

This especially helps to recall facts on the spot and no doubt speeds up their time spent solving problems.With Easter around the corner, here’s a digital freebie to boost your students’ time-tables skills.

This resource is also included in a growing bundle that will eventually have all the major celebration-themed timetables to enhance your students’ number sense skills.

There are quite a few already included.

A print version is also available.

Click here to access this fun digital freebie. 


More subtle learning activities with celebrations to come – stay updated with this mega bundle.  

Until next time…

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