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Earth Day Writing Fun Activity Opinion Writing


Looking for an Earth Day Writing activity? This writing activity will help scaffold the structural elements of a persuasive essay.

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Earth Day Writing Opinion Writing Persuasive Writing

Looking for an Earth Day Writing activity that requires students to practice Opinion Writing also known as Persuasive Writing? This spring opinion writing activity will help scaffold the structural elements of an opinion essay or a persuasive essay.

Based on the sample persuasive essay, ‘Should you Ride Your Bike to School?’, students will be introduced to the Earth Day writing process from brainstorming, planning, drafting, editing, and publishing.

Writing activities revolve around the structural elements:

  • The Introduction (sizzling start, opinion, thesis)
  • The Body (Topic Sentence, Supporting Details, Concluding Sentence), and rebuttal
  • The Conclusion (summary statement, call to action)


This Earth Day Writing resource includes both US and British English spellings.



  • Students will respond to 20 questions on the structural components of a persuasive essay or an opinion essay.
  • Students will find and highlight evidence in the sample text.
  • They will document their responses on the Planning Grid, Persuasive Writing Graph and other Organizers.
  • Students will write against the claim written in the sample essay.
  • Additional writing practice with 5 Earth Day Writing themed prompts

Items Included

  • Sample Earth Day Writing Essay, ‘Should you Ride Your Bike to School?’ to study structural elements and writing style
  • Persuasive Writing Graph to map out structural components
  • 20 questions analyzing writing style and structural elements
  • Annotation of structural elements using the final compiled sample essay from start to finish
  • Writing Assignment to write against the claim made in the sample persuasive essay
  • Self-editing and peer-editing checklists
  • Teacher Marking Rubric
  • Publishing Writing Sheets
  • Cover Sheets to collate sheets into a booklet
  • 5 Earth Day Writing themed Prompts
  • General Organizers (planning grid, writing graph, Introduction, Body, Conclusion) to use with any persuasive writing prompt


Recommended Use

  • Review of form and structure prior to testing
  • Recap of form and structure prior to a writing assignment
  • Writing activity to celebrate Earth Day

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