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Diwali Reading Comprehension Fun Diwali Activities


An engaging free Diwali Reading Comprehension Print and Digital Activity to inform your students about fun Diwali facts.


Are you in search of an engaging Diwali reading comprehension activity for your students? Explore this collection of 32 printable task cards and 67 interactive Boom digital cards designed to make learning about Diwali truly enjoyable. Your students will have a blast reading and responding to 32 fun Diwali facts!


  • 32 Fact Cards on Diwali (print)
  • 4 Recording Sheets (print)
  • Answer Key (print)
  • 67 Boom Digital Cards
  • Banner Reading ‘Happy Diwali’ ( 3 options)
  • Writing Templates x 20 featuring Diwali images – students document their learning by writing 2-3 facts. This would also make a hall-stopping display.

1. Scavenger Hunt Activity
Place the 32 fact cards on Diwali around the classroom. Students can work individually, in pairs, or in small groups to find the answers to all 32 questions on their recording sheets. They must read the fact card to find the answer for each corresponding fact question on their response sheets.

2Digital Activity (Boom Cards)

  • Assign the 67 Boom Cards Deck via Google Classroom or your school’s LMS.
  • Students will read the information on each card and answer multiple-choice questions. Students who need additional reading support have the option to listen to the included audio on each information card.
  • Students have the option to work on cards 1-16, or 17-32 with a single play.

With this activity, your students will benefit from reading practice in addition to getting key information on interesting Diwali facts.

Evidence of Learning

  • After the entire class has finished the Scavenger Hunt, you can display these cards on the interactive whiteboard and discuss answers. This way students can reflect on their responses while referring to the questions again.
  • Have students write 2-3 facts on Diwali on a writing template of choice. This would further reinforce learning and also make a hall-stopping display.

NOTE: you can select/assign any number of cards (1- 17) or (18-32) depending upon time available.


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