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Christmas in the Netherlands Christmas Around the World


An engaging free Christmas in the Netherlands Print and Digital Activity to inform your students about fun Christmas facts.


Looking for a Christmas around the world activity? Christmas in the Netherlands scavenger hunt cards, flipbook; writing templates to document information, and Boom Digital Cards will take your students on a Hunt for interesting facts on how Christmas is celebrated in the Netherlands.

Your students will have fun as they learn about the history, culture, customs, and traditions of Christmas festive celebrations in the Netherlands. The best part is that they will be able to document their learning in a flipbook/interactive notebook and even write informatively on the included writing templates after the Scavenger Hunt. This is sure to make an interesting classroom display.


Items Included

  • 16 Scavenger Hunt Cards on Christmas in the Netherlands
  • 2 Recording Sheets
  • 2-page Answer Key
  • 32 Writing Templates featuring Christmas images;
  • Flipbook templates (4 pages) on facts collected
  • Banners (plain and decorated)
  • 34 Boom Digital Cards (with audio)

Parts of the Flipbook – Interactive Notebook

  • Cover Page (8 options): Student details
  • Netherlands: flag, population, capital city, symbols, currency, Christmas greeting
  • Festive Food: game meats, roast pork, gourmetten, pepernoot
  • Custom and Tradition: St. Nicholas’ Eve, Sinterklaas and the Zwarte Pieten, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

→ * photographs of sample parts of completed flipbook included with assembly instructions. These can be shown on an interactive whiteboard to students to model compilation.

→ * Picture prompts help students to recall facts from the Scavenger Hunt, alternatively they can refer to responses on recording sheets.


Activity for Scavenger Hunt

  • Place the 16 fact cards on Christmas in the Netherlands around the classroom. Students can work individually, in pairs, or in small groups to find the answers to all 16 questions on their response sheets. They must read the fact card to find the answer for each corresponding fact question on their response sheets.
  • Early finishers who complete the Scavenger Hunt can design their writing templates and fill in sections of the flipbook. Wrap up the activity by getting students together and asking them to share the facts they found the most interesting. They may refer to their recording sheets, writing templates, and flipbook.


Activity for 34 Boom Digital Card Deck

  • Students will read information cards and answer multiple-choice questions.
  • Students who need additional reading support have the option to listen to the included audio on each information card.
  • To make the activity more fun, and motivate students to read and complete the task, students will ‘collect’ the arms, hat, bow tie, body, and head to build (put together) a snowman at the end.

With this activity, your students will benefit from reading practice in addition to getting key information on how Christmas is celebrated in the Netherlands.


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