Do you know a great way to convey complex, otherwise mundane content, is through fun and exciting Scavenger Hunts? This is also a fantastic way to integrate Social Studies, History, Geography, and the other sciences. My kids just love them!

The Scavenger Hunts I talk about are the ones where main facts on the subject are written on little cards.

There are 32 fact cards in this set - that leaves enough cards to go around the classroom and more.

Each set of 32 fact cards on the subject are hidden around the classroom. You also have the option to break down the activity by doing half the number of cards: 1-17, 18-32.

Students are given copies of the recording sheets (4 in all) and go around the classroom looking to record the answers to questions on their sheets. They must find the matching fact card number to answer the question.

My kids enjoy this as it gets them out of their chairs and moving. It's akin to a game as it leads to much excitement, chatter, and fun.

You can also add an element of competitiveness in this by rewarding the team that finishes the Hunt first or even set a time limit. Kids love the excitement of competing - all in good fun.

These Hunts could be just about for any subject.

The best part is that learning is happening subtly, although outwardly - it seems to be all fun and games.

This growing bundle sure is a life-long investment - one that will give you much joy - nothing better than to watch your students in action.

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