Have you heard of Boom Learning and Boom Digital Cards?

If you haven't heard of them or would like to try some free sets - then read on further.

So what are Boom Digital Cards?

To put it simply, they are task cards - but way more interactive than the traditional paper printable cards.

And what makes them so special?

They are digital - no printing (unless you want to), and best of all they are self grading. All done automatically - digitally.

That's data at the tip of your finger tips! You can find out how students perform on a skill and dictate teaching and learning accordingly. How convenient is that?

In contrast to the paper task card, a boom card is truly interactive.

For instance, on a Boom card , students can work on a drop and drag activity - an activity certainly not possible with the traditional task card.

In this activity, students will drag the right initial consonant and drop it in its place to complete the word .

cvc words short vowels word work blending reading spelling

Or a final consonant (ending sound) to complete spelling the CVC word.

The variety of themes sported by different sets also keep students highly motivated. This cute one below is a carpenter kids theme.


Items can also be dragged and sorted into categories as in the card below, where the modes of transport are dragged and dropped in the categories of Land, Sea and Air.


Then there's the multiple choice activity where students will tap the correct option.


In this card, students have to identify the correct moon phase by tapping on the correct option.


If the answer is correct, a green circle appears around the tapped option.

If incorrect, a red circle appears around the selected option with a diagonal red line running across.
Students thus have the option to re-submit and get it correct.


The fill-in-the-blank activity is equally interactive. In the card below, students type in their response.


Best of all on submission, a student's response is instantly graded.


This benefits both student and teacher. A chance for the student to try again and no grading for the teacher.

To get data on your students' performance, you do need to sign up for the paid version at the Boom Learning site.


Else you can join for free and assign the 'fast pin' link to your students via Google Classroom or any other  learning platform.

There are a lot of useful videos hosted by Boom Learning on setting up your classroom:

If using the fast pin option with your students, remember it expires in 14 days so it needs to be accessed by students before then.

And if you need to try these Boom Digital Cards and see for yourself how fun and interactive they are, then these free sets are for you. Click on the picture links below to access each.


Word of warning though - Boom cards are highly addictive. Students will simply love working on them.


Boom Learning is sure the perfect medium to promote subtle learning.


Stay safe!
Until next time...


Perhaps one of the most difficult subjects to teach is writing - be it a narrative, persuasive or even a creative genre.

But you know what - if we teach students the structural components of each genre, the job is half done.

For one thing, scoring is attributed to the hook, opinion, reasons and supporting details in a Persuasive Essay (also called an Opinion Essay) or the elements of a plot in a narrative. 

Sentence structure, vocabulary, spelling and puncutation in addition to the flair for writing make up the other half of the scoring. So setting up a child for a more or less 50% success rate by initially focusing on the structural elements of a writing genre is quite forthcoming.

It is interesting to note that writing for the reluctant becomes less intimidating if it is integrated with technology and based on a theme - makes sense doesn't it - considering that most students love learning that involves digital devices and moreover a topic they can relate to.

This Persuasive/Opinion writing freebie in Google Slides featuring sample texts with an Earth Day theme targets just that. All you need is a Google Drive account and you can assign this resource to your students via Google Classroom or any other safe online learning platform. I've also projected this lesson in Zoom by simply sharing my screen and walking students through the scaffolded steps outlined in each section of the writing lesson. 

The versatility of working with a writing lesson in Google Slides is that it could be a combination of presentation and interactive slides that involve typing, clicking and dragging to order etc. 

So for instance, a slide detailing information can be presented by accessing 'view' on the menu bar in Google Slides and selecting the option 'present'. 

persuasive opinion digital writing google classroom google slides distance learning

Information to guide students can also be written on each slide itself thereby scaffolding the structural elements of the genre.

persuasive opinion digital writing google classroom google slides distance learning

Dragging sentence strips and placing them in the right order further reinforces the structural components of a persuasive piece. 

persuasive opinion digital writing google classroom google slides distance learning

persuasive opinion digital writing google classroom google slides distance learning

In addition, constructive questions on the mentor text help students reflect on the components of the persuasive essay.

persuasive opinion digital writing google classroom google slides distance learning

Color coding in Google slides is an effective visual aid and here students can color code the mentor text thereby further assimilating information on the structural components of the persuasive/opinion essay. The mentor text in this resource is editable - which makes this possible.

The constructive questions are editable too, giving the teacher flexibility to change spellings or content.

persuasive opinion digital writing google classroom google slides distance learning

Graphic organizers are a powerful tool to guide writing and this helps students to keep their writing on track and adhering to structure. That, as I mentioned earlier, is job half-done.

persuasive opinion digital writing google classroom google slides distance learning

And finally, after students have planned their writing using the graphic organizer, they are ready to write their persuasive piece. The checklist on the right in the slide below would be a great reference tool as they write. Best of all, as this is a digital resource - students type. The perfect outlet for students who are reluctant writers.

earth day digital

So, if you haven't yet started on having your students digitally write in Google Slides or you would like to try out this complete digital writing lesson on Persuasive/Opinion Writing - then do access this resource by clicking here or on the image link. 

earth day activity

sequel to this lesson will also be uploaded to my store - so keep in touch...

On a sidenote, If you use this resource with your students, I would be thrilled if you tag me on instagram @teachtotell.

You will find a big bundle of writing resources that will also be updated with digital writing resources here.

Stay safe!
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