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Printables and Digital Resources For the Elementary Classroom

As educationists, we know that learning is eclectic and in order to target our students’ individual needs, we need to make abstract content more concrete and implement teaching strategies and learning tools that produce truly productive results. 


“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”   John Keats

Experience is empowering and consider this a place where you can learn, share and connect. After all, we weren’t meant to do teaching alone – from my classroom to yours…

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Printables that feature British English and US spellings targeting differentiation and scaffolding teaching and learning. A wealth of resources spanning years of research to work effectively in an elementary classroom.

Digital Resources supporting a varied learning experience and compatible with Google Classroom and other safe online learning management systems.

Teaching blog posts from Teach2Tell’s Classroom documenting teaching tips, ideas and use of teaching materials.

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Documenting Teaching  & Learning Experiences 


Here you will find posts (in a relatable conversational style) that recount personal teaching experiences, inspirational ideas, and resources to try out with your class. 

Sizzling starts Narrative examples highlight the effects of starters or openers in narrative writing. Aligned to seven steps to writing success, these 5 sizzling starts are sure to hook any reader.
National Poetry Month in April is perhaps the best time to celebrate poets and their poetry and also teach poetry to your students.

Print & Digital Resources

A collection of over 1,200 print and digital resources to set students up for success. The gallery (links embedded) lists some popular ones. Browse the full collection HERE.

What Teachers Are Saying

Documenting Teaching  & Learning Experiences 


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This resource was perfect for my lesson, taught BOTH virtually and in person, on Experimental versus Theoretical Probability for Math Models. Students enjoyed working with each other. The colorful artwork added that special something that made the material that much more engaging.
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Kirsten K.
Chance and Probability Bundle
My students loved this scavenger hunt. Nice to hear them laughing in disbelief as they read some of the facts!
back to school activities
Jennifer H.
April Fool's Day Scavenger Hunt
I use this resource over and over again. Can be used for any age and be as guided or as independent as you like. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
back to school activities
Rebecca Roberts
Australian Animals

The most comprehensive writing pack I have ever purchased. It saved me hours of prep time. Thanks!
back to school activities
Simone H.
Narrtive, Opinion Writing
I love these mentor texts! By far this was the best resource I have bought for persuasive writing. The steps were broken down with practice that they could then apply to writing. It was perfect for online learning/teaching. Super helpful!
back to school activities
Maria B.
Persuasive Writing
This resource is fantastic! It has great superhero editable files that look great and the classroom looks bright and inviting. Easy to use and everything is included and matches.
back to school activities
Leesa Taylor
Superhero Class Decor

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